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Don't Take Our Word,
Hear Theirs

We are clearly passionate about our cooking classes because we see the life changing effects with every cohort. Not a few recipes, techniques and knowledge that change every meal forward. Don't take our word for it, do yourself a favor, and spend a few minutes hearing how these classes will change your life directly from a few of our past students!

Love ya!❤️

Super Health Food

This Will Change Your Life, Backed by Science & Guaranteed.

We get it, everyone on the internet will "change your life"... We actually deliver.

Surveys (from John's Data Scientist, PhD, LCSW Wife) from every class show a 70% increase in confidence and skills in the kitchen. Don't agree this course is life changing, get your $ back. No bull, just confidence in the kitchen.

You ready? Let's go!

Paper Heart

Can't Buy It? Get our Essentials On Demand for FREE!!

John doesn't do this for the $. He charges because if he can't support his family, he can't do it at all. But if you can't afford it, please check out our Scholarship Program! This way, those who need it the most can have it too! ❤️

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