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Culinary Makeover

Transform Your Kitchen & Your Food!

Need a total remodel of how your kitchen and cooking work within your life? John can show you how to make your culinary dreams work in your life! Because you are the cook, (not a recipe, show, website, set of “hacks”, etc. ) he’ll get to know your life, in and out of the kitchen, and create a specialized plan just for you! 

  1. Tell him your goals, constraints (dietary, time, life, budget, etc.), setbacks, successes, and concerns in the kitchen. 

  2. He’ll create a detailed, personalized plan and class to help you achieve your culinary goals in your life.

  3. He comes to your kitchen, goes over the plan to hit all your goals, reorganizes your kitchen with you for maximum ease and efficiency, and teaches you all the technical skills and knowledge to cook the way you want, in your kitchen. 

  4. A few weeks after, you’ll have a follow up with John to handle any subsequent concerns, questions, or setbacks to make sure your new life with food is a continued success!



Advisor, Consultant, Coach, Mentor, Teacher, Guide… Chef.

As a Chef, you need to become what is needed to lead your team to success in an ever-changing environment. This truly unique service utilizes all of his talents, in and out of the kitchen, and is designed to be tailored just for YOU! John has spent the majority of his career cooking in fine dining restaurants (which cater to all types of special diets/requests/whims) and now teaches home cooks how to feel comfortable and confident in the kitchen, while running his own business, cooking all of his family's meals, and helping to raise their new child.


He knows how to be flexible with competing priorities, work around difficult constraints, and can teach you to cook anything you can think of or give you endless ideas within your specific constraints. Plus having the right tools in the right place can be the difference between having things go smoothly or be a hassle! Let his expertise guide you with whatever you’d like to learn to cook or eat and make it work seamlessly in your kitchen, and in your life! Advice is only good if it can be acted upon in a way that will actually fit your life, that is what this service is all about!

This service is designed to help you meet your Specific Culinary Goals, tailored to your home kitchen and your life, so you can cook (and eat) exactly how you want, for the rest of your life. Simple solutions to complex questions. That's what John does. Plain and simple.

Send John an email to set up a free initial consultation and see how he can help you create the food world you’ve been dreaming of!


Cooking doesn’t need to be hard.Let John show you how!

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