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Make Your Life Amazing…

Kitchens Teach More Than Food! So does John…

Over the last 25 years teaching principles, skills, and philosophies of cooking in a kitchen, John has realized these invaluable skills are not only applicable to food, but to life well beyond the kitchen.

He is ecstatic to share his universally applicable life lessons through stories of his colorful and often hilarious journey from a cornfield in the middle of nowhere to the upper echelons of one of the most unforgiving and creative industries!

He shares his simple, undeniable wisdom to inspire, motivate, and increase connection to and appreciation for living a passionate, meaningful life.

There is no greater purpose than being able to increase joy and love within others while deepening your own…



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Key Audience Takeaways:

  1. Discover and develop your passions into a fulfilling career

  2. Learn how to become a master of your craft and stay true to yourself at same time

  3. Find a greater sense of meaning and purpose in life and work


— Joseph Allen III, BSN, Abbott Laboratories

If you’re looking for an enriching, entertaining, educational, and engaging experience look no further than John! His positive outlook on cooking and life fills any room with light.

Past Engagements

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