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Scholarship Program

Culinary School is Life Changing. 
This makes it accessible to all. 

John's goal has always been to share this instrumental information with those whose lives would benefit the most—those who can't afford cooking classes. Our Scholarship Program makes that goal a reality!


Learning to cook simple, delicious, fresh food easily is truly life-changing, and John knows that firsthand. He only learned how to cook in culinary school. He started this business to help our community (and beyond) as much as he possibly can with what he has learned in his culinary career because he has lived the transformation.

We are beyond honored to introduce our scholarship program to provide this indispensable knowledge for free, to anyone! Details below.

Love Always Spreads...


The simultaneous loss of his mother in 2017, accomplishment of career goals, and exit from his restaurant group gave him the time to simply enjoy sharing his love of food and reflect on the truly important things in life: appreciating our time with loved ones and helping others with our lives. Realizing that many people never learned the basics about food and cooking (and can't learn it from their parents) and that no one was teaching this to home cooks in a concise manner as he learned in culinary school, he saw a need he could help with—one that would create change beyond anything he could do in a restaurant.

From the initial idea, he wanted to offer this course on a free or sliding scale but knew he needed to do two things first: prove that his teaching method was as effective for home cooks as it was for professionals and support his family. Five years on, and we have done both! The Essential Series has been honed and proven to provide paradigm-shifting knowledge and skills to home cooks, just as he learned them in culinary school, while his business has grown to support his original mission.


He couldn't be more humbly proud to have created something so essential (hence the name) and even more so that we are now able to offer it for FREE to anyone who can't afford it!!!


As he often says, love always spreads...❤️ Huge Thank You to our sponsors for helping make this a reality! Together, we all rise!🌟


Apply for our Essential Series Scholarship Program! Share your contact info and a short paragraph about why you want to learn these skills and what they will do for your life.​


If you are selected, we will notify you via email and send available class dates for you to choose from. ❤️

*Due to the small class size, we can only offer a limited number of scholarships per year!

Do you live in the Raleigh/Durham area?

No problem! We've got you too!

You can apply for our Essentials On Demand Scholarship!

Share your contact info and a short paragraph about why you want to learn these skills and what they will do for your life.

If you are selected, we will notify you via email and with instructions on how to access the program.

Do you live in the Raleigh/Durham area?

Not Local?

Learn to cook better than your grandparents!

In fact, I almost named my business after my grandfather because he was the best cook I knew growing up and it wasn't because he was a chef. He just knew food (he was a farmer), loved it, and put in the care to make it amazing. During the holidays, we had 8-12 year old cured hams and every year he made 100 qts of homemade tomato sauce plus strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, and grape jams all from his garden. Unfortunately he passed before I was old enough to know food was my calling but his legacy and love for food lives on through me.

I use his love for simple, delicious food combined with my fine dining career and formal culinary training as my guiding principles to teach folks the love, science, art, and joy of cooking in every class. It is my honor to pass on these skills to all who love food (or want to love it) to continue spreading the love for food and life he instilled in me! Learn, grow, enjoy, share! Love y'all! 


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Our Scholarship Program is Made Possible by Generous Co-Sponsors!
We couldn't offer this incredible opportunity without their invaluable contributions!