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Food Knolling

Fundamentals Change Lives.
Dots on Plates Don't.

Hello and thanks for taking a minute to learn more! 


I am giving away a free year of culinary school but I need your help in spreading the word! Read on for more details...


I started Season to Taste to help people have a better life with something that many struggle with, feeling comfortable and confident cooking fresh, simple, inexpensive, and delicious food day in and day out. I have honed my approach and my Essential Series does this without question but please don't take my word for it. Take a look at my testimonials page or highlight reel on my home page or look through my Google Reviews to hear it directly from just a few of my past graduates about how it has changed their worlds. I have really made something special but I need help in giving it to the world...


My Essential Series was designed after the Associates Program at The Culinary Institute of America, my alma mater. I have distilled and re-engineered it for home cooks to learn all the fundamentals of cooking in just 12 hours and it is a true paradigm shifting experience for all who go through it. Truly. I take data (surveys before and after each class- my wife is a data scientist- and I wanted to make sure I give what I promise) and there is an average self reported increase in skills, knowledge, confidence, and comfortability in the kitchen of 70% among all who take my class!! So this isn't just talk or a few people's experience, it really does change people's lives and I couldn't be more humbly proud that it has this big of an effect for folks!! So why am I giving it away?


My intention from the start was to give this knowledge and skills to those who can most benefit from it but had to build a successful business before I could give it away and still take care of my family. Now that I have filmed the entire Essential Series and turned it into a full video course (Essentials On Demand), I can now do just that with a few simple clicks and I need your help to spread the word!  I have an open invitation on my website for anyone who can't afford my course to simply tell me and I'll give them access for free! But if no one knows about it, it is just another thing sitting on the internet... 


Why do I do what I do? I began teaching cooking because I know first hand the life changing benefits that can come when you know the fundamentals of cooking and feel comfortable in the kitchen. I didn't grow up eating good food and lived off of packaged, processed, and fast food as a kid because my mom was a single mother who also didn't know the fundamentals of cooking, as I have learned from my 26 years ascending through the restaurant industry. 


After the sudden passing of my mom and leaving my restaurant group happened simultaneously in 2017, I was reminded of the short time we have on this earth and decided to dedicate the remainder of my career to helping others in the biggest way possible, by giving them the skills to cook anything they want with ever increasing skill, just like professionals do, but at home. This way, not only can everyone enjoy inexpensive, delicious food for every meal, but they can also become closer to and get more meaning out of something they need to do 3 times a day. When you know what goes into something and look at it with knowledge of the medium, increased appreciation and connection are only natural. Like how musicians listen to music more intently or journalists read the news a little more indepthly, cooks look at food and cooking more indepthly, more meaningfully, and with greater appreciation because they know what goes into it. And everyone who comes through my course looks at themselves as cooks because it's one of the major points of the course. I don't just teach folks how to cook, I teach them how to appreciate their life better through food and cooking... And hopefully to take that approach to any other aspect of their lives that they desire to have a more wholly meaningful life... This is why I do what I do and why it is beyond just cooking to me and to my students... I could cook at and actually run almost any restaurant in this state (happy to tell more about my experience but I've run multiple restautants, grew a sleepy restaurant into a group, cooked at the James Beard House, Miami, Nantucket, Spain, and can do anything you can think of with food...) but I am dedicating the rest of my career to teaching home cooks to feel comfortable in the kitchen and why I say Fundamentals Change Lives, Dots on Plates Don't... I hope you'll join us!


I'm ecstatic to be at this point that I can now give our video series away to help anyone who wants to feel enjoyment and excitement in the kitchen, or simply just cook delicious food easily! The magic of this course is in the concise, connected nature of learning these fundamentals and the ideologies in a short amount of time to think, cook, and hopefully live life with more meaning and at the very least with better food! 


If you'd like to talk about this or anything else, please don't hesitate to reach out as this is my passion and I'd love to chat! Thank you very much for your time and helping to spread the word about this free year of culinary school! Hope you have a great day! 

Sincerely, Gratefully, and Humbly,


John Eisensmith

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