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The Kitchen Teaches More than Just Cooking... So Does Season to Taste!

Hey y’all!! I hope everyone is doing well and getting into a groove as the new year unfolds! We are also getting into our new groove because as you may have seen, we have a new addition to our family, baby Lane!! All are happy and healthy and we are learning each other’s ways and rhythms, now as a family of 3 (plus our little doggie, Theo)! One of the many things that I have been doing to prepare for Lane’s arrival is expanding the scope of what we do here at Season to Taste and I thought I’d take a few minutes to let y’all know about our newest addition to our offerings - Guest Speaking!

Being a small business owner, I have to, while staying true to my mission of helping the world with my food knowledge, look out for opportunities as they arrive to continue growing and improving as a person and as a business. One of the things that I have realized in teaching folks about food and cooking is that to truly learn how to cook the way you want, you have to learn to control yourself from a mental and emotional standpoint since all cooking starts in your mind before you ever touch food. In my pursuit of becoming the best chef (and person) I can be, combined with my decades in one of the most unforgiving industries where I would interact with literally hundreds of people per day, I have had the unique opportunity to learn an immense amount about myself, the human condition, and our society in general and how they all intersect. And what I have learned has combined to fuel my zest and passion for life and my work beyond what I ever could have anticipated!

Through teaching folks about food and cooking in the industry and now with Season to Taste, I have come to realize that these life lessons, many of which come through in The Essential Series, have a broader reach than just being useful in the kitchen. I have developed these into an engaging, entertaining, and inspiring series of talks that are filled with stories of my wild life coming up in kitchens and the key ingredients (pun intended) that have led me to develop my indescribable love and appreciation of not only life, but of what I do day in and day out with Season to Taste. And I realized that these not only are applicable inside the kitchen (or to those in the restaurant industry), but to anyone who wants to feel truly alive and get a deeper appreciation of their life, their work, and sense of purpose in whatever their pursuit(s) may be…

My many trials and tribulations throughout my 25+ year career in the restaurant industry have taught me so much… I’ve had businesses open, close, get sold, bought, given to me, and transformed, made and left business partnerships, made many lifelong friends and a few family members, and lost a handful of friends, literally and figuratively, along the way… Through it all, I have always maintained my love for life, for food, for people, and have learned some undeniable truths that have been resonating with and inspiring to everyone I have ever spoken to about them throughout my journey. I am incredibly grateful and humbled by the fact that my exuberance for life, and the lessons I have learned along the way, can be a benefit to those around me, and now can be shared with a much larger audience that I can fit in a cooking class! And in ways that transcend the kitchen entirely! (have I nailed that point home enough, yet or what?? ;) )

I never planned that becoming a speaker would be part of my path. But similarly to when I realized that no one was teaching the fundamentals of food and cooking (and I needed to create The Essential Series), when I realized that the mindsets and ideologies that I teach in my classes, beyond the food and cooking aspects, resonated so strongly and seemed to be new to folks so consistently, I felt I had discovered a new avenue to help our world and our community. It brought about a need in me to consolidate and organize what I used to call my “soapbox rants'' and “(mostly) funny kitchen/life stories” into a refined, focused, funny series of talks to share what I have learned through my life in the kitchen to help others in a way beyond with food. So here we are! Chef and Culinary Instructor John Eisensmith is also now Guest Speaker John Eisensmith! Who would have thought?

I am beyond ecstatic to be able to finally share my story and life lessons that have made my life amazing on a larger scale like this! And like you’ll learn in my talks, even going through this process of refining my talks has taught me so much, inspired me to share them with others, and deepened the meaning of and connection to my life and my work!! It’s truly not hyperbole to say that I am amazingly ecstatic to share these with you all!!

Check out this link if you’d like to learn more or book me to come inspire and entertain your group! Let’s make this life amazing, together (as well as our food!!)!! I can’t wait!!! See you soon!!

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