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Good food is full of flavor. One of my favorite ways to develop flavor is through searing; aka the Maillard Reaction or the browning of proteins (similar to caramelization in sugar, but is actually a different process with protein).

The Maillard Reaction is why we love the deep, intense flavors of grilled, roasted, or seared foods, coffee, chocolate, darker beers, or baked goods. And also one of the reasons my soups and sauces have such developed flavor. I frequently sear many of the proteins and vegetables before combining them into a soup or sauce to help develop each ingredient's flavor before letting their flavors play together with one another in the soup or sauce.

I could certainly make food easier and quicker if I skipped those steps, but I believe in making things the best you know how and a few minutes of searing or roasting makes a dramatic difference in the end result! Plus one of my mantras I live by in the kitchen is "If you're going to do something, do it right and do it til it's done!" So when you are cooking, please, Don't skip the Sear!!! Your food will taste that much better because of it! :)

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