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This week I want to talk a little bit about teamwork and how it relates to our ever-changing cuisines of the world.

Cuisine- An Ever Moving Target

Cuisine is always changing because people are always cooking and adjusting to what they like and don't like along the way. Plus people are always discovering new ingredients (new to them and possibly new to the world) and adding them into their favorite recipes or creating completely new ones based on their newest finds. All this adjustment slowly changes cuisine over time from each person's individual cuisine (your own meals) to a culture's cuisine (what groups of people eat). This is one of the reasons I say that no one is ever "finished" learning how to cook because cooking involves cuisine that is ever changing and being altered little by little every second of the day, all over the world...

Cuisine Requires Teamwork

This brings me back to the original point, teamwork is how cuisine evolves. When you cook for anyone other than just yourself it becomes a team activity because the feedback helps you to determine whether or not it's worth repeating the dish. Rarely, a dish fails so completely that it simply goes in the bin wholeheartedly. But more times than not, there is something worth saving and repeating. It may need a little more salt, a little better sear, maybe try mustard instead of strawberry jam, etc... Whatever it needs, your preferences and those you cook for will tell you and then you'll try it again. And congratulations, you have just contributed to your individual or your culture's cuisine!

Our Cuisine

Now, I cook a ton! It is my passion, my career and also, currently my job. I cook for my family, my friends, and for all of you! It's easy to get feedback from all of my family and friends, but I wanted to put out a call to YOU for feedback! The fact that y'all keep ordering is certainly proof that you like what we cook at least to some point. (An old adage in the restaurant biz is that "people vote with their feet". ie.- if they like it, they'll come back) But I wanted to put out an invitation to tell me what you like about our food? Or our service? What would you like to see more of? What could you do without or less of? What are some of your favorites? What didn't you like and why? I want to hear it all!! This all helps us move in a direction that best serves you! After all, this is the service industry and the ultimate goal is to give you the best service we can! Good service and good food are subjective measurements that can only improve with feedback from the end consumer, YOU!!!

Your Cuisine is in Your Hands...

Ultimately our success at Season to Taste will be judged by you. Our cuisine will be molded by you because it is here for you. So if you would like, please take a brief moment to let us know what you like and what you don't like, it would be so very appreciated! Praise is great (and lets me know what to bring back), but criticism is what helps us improve. We love to hear it all! And don't worry, no fragile egos here...;) You can simply toss a word or two in the comments, reach out on social media, shoot us an email or leave it in the notes on your order. Or just keep ordering... Whatever you'd like and works for you. Regardless of your level of engagement, thanks so much for all the love and for the feedback!! You are an integral part of helping to develop Season to Taste's (and yours if you order) Cuisine. We couldn't do it without YOU!!


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