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Personal Chef

Want Chef John to be your Personal Chef, everyday?

Does your routine need a change up??


Let Chef John be your Personal Chef and simplify your life with delicious, nutritious, & fresh food tailored to your personal culinary dreams!

Exhausted by the routine of dining out, frequent takeout orders, or the hassle of cooking?

Despite his passion to get everyone cooking in the kitchen, he knows there's not always time, energy, or comfortability in the kitchen to prepare your own food everyday. We get it.

Now John can help with that too!

How it works

  1. We chat to discuss your goals, obstacles, and get to know each other.

  2. You fill out a personal food questionnaire about your likes and dislikes.

  3. I create personalized menus tailored to your goals for your approval.

  4. I cook. You eat!

Meals Tailored to Your Life!

Tell Me More!

Weekly Meal Plans include: Menu Planning, Grocery Shopping, Cooking, Packaging, Labeling, Reheating Instructions, and Home Delivery


Get 3 or 4 Fresh Meals with 2-4 servings each from $259 per cook date + groceries!


All plans fully customizable to fit your family's needs (Allergies, Dietary Restrictions, Vegetarian, Keto, Paleo, etc.- No Prob!)!

Did You Know John Used to be a Full Time Private Chef?

Before moving to Durham he used to be a Private Chef for billionaires on Nantucket Island (the Johnsons of Johnson & Johnson and the Halmi’s of Hallmark to name a few) but also for folks in Durham. Stephen and Louise reached out early in the pandemic when they were expecting their first and John was happy to help!

"Every single meal has been amazing and topped the one before it. We literally look forward to every experience no matter how sleep deprived or long of a day we have had. The attention to detail, the flavors, the branded menu, and portions for my recovery and Nursing feedings ... it is truly been a close second in the highlights of our past week. You are beyond talented and we have sung your praises from the mountain top. That shrimp and grits was a religious experience❤️

You are the best and we are so thankful for you."

- Louise and Stephen O.

Limited Space Available! Book a consult now!

As he stays busy teaching, speaking, running his business, and taking care of his family, John will only be taking on a limited number of Personal Chef families to ensure his impeccable quality standards and maintain his work-life balance. These spots will be first come, first served based on consult bookings (when booked, not when available to speak) and we will start a waitlist if necessary. Book a consult now and reserve John as YOUR CHEF today!

A Note From Chef John

"I love creating food and am excited to be sharing my passion and love of food to help make your life easier and more delicious! And I am excited to cook for uniquely YOU! While I can cook in any restaurant, I now prefer to cook for individuals so I can tailor my cooking to the individual person, rather than for “people” as a whole. That is the level of personal service I strive for because it gives so much more value because it is so personalized! I am excited to get to know and cook for you!" -John

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